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Solo Acts

Circus Acts for Hire

We offer a variety of different circus acts and ambient entertainment for events, parties, shows, and other collaborations. Acts can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your event.

Aino pole.jpeg

“Let Off Steam”

Chinese pole act

In an absurd and satirical way the artist is talking about getting fed up with pretending and staying silent in situations where you cannot stand what is going on. Created based on the artist's personal stories, which might remind the viewers of similar situations the artist is showing true emotions and playing with the idea of how it would feel if she could disappear during those awkward situations.

For more details please contact us

Bounce Ball Juggling

Regime, system, structure, routine - all these words describe the technique of bounce ball juggling. Every mistake can destroy the whole juggling pattern. In this juggling act circus artist Aino Mäkipää is finding freedom and being playful with usually very strict rules required by the discipline of juggling.


Nevertheless, the discipline which requires clean space and a lot of accuracy can be adapted to indoor or outdoor venues.

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Kestas hoodie.jpeg

"Me, clothes and who are they?"

Clowning and object manipulation

Contemporary circus comedy, where mundane everyday life turns into a surrealistic world. In here clothes start to breathe and turn into mysterious creatures. Circus artist Kęstas Matusevičius will take you on this absurd and surreal journey using techniques of clowning, physical comedy and object manipulation with hoodies.

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Aerial Silks

Dancing in the air on silks suspended high above the audience, Lyla combines strength, grace, and flexibility.


  • Act or ambient performance available

  • Can be performed inside or outside

  • Music and costumes can be changed to cover all themes

For more details please contact us

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