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Kanta Company


Kanta Company is three circus artists from three different countries - Finland, Lithuania, and USA - who aspire to create entertaining but thought provoking circus. Onstage is where we feel the most alive - circus forces us to be present. By bringing everyday situations and issues onstage we want to give the audience new perspectives on their lives via the transformative experience of circus, creating a world where the everyday is extraordinary, and the real becomes surreal.

Photo by Donatas Ališauskas

The Crew
Lyla Goldman

Born in Seattle, Lyla learned to unicycle at the age of five, before she'd even touched a bicycle. She trained at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts and Circus Smirkus, specializing in aerial silks and unicycle. She loves cooking, making lists, and traveling.  

Kęstas Matusevičius

Movement, clowning, physical comedy, directing - that's what inspires Kestas. From Kaunas, Lithuania, he specializes in hand to hand and dance acrobatics. He likes playing basketball, getting attention, and making movies. 

Aino Mäkipää

From Lappeenranta, Finland, Aino specializes in Chinese pole and bounce juggling. She's fascinated by the endless creativity of circus and is especially fond of many traditional Finnish things like drinking piimä (buttermilk), eating mämmi (rye pudding), and going to sauna.

Photos by Joonas Purastie 

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